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“Valour Consultancy has provided an incredibly thorough perspective on the in-flight connectivity space, offering insight into drivers of the current and future state of the quickly growing category.”

Phil Penuela, Director, Global Insights
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“The Valour Consultancy report on in-flight connectivity provides very detailed insights on the market and it constitutes a very useful tool for the marketing and strategy team at SITAONAIR. The Valour Consultancy team is also very friendly and we enjoy our working relationship with them.”

François Rodriguez, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, SITAONAIR
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“Astronics is using Valour Consultancy’s 2016 in-flight connectivity report extensively. We’ve found it highly useful in our long-range planning and it has aided in our market research.”

Mark Peabody, President, Astronics AES

“The team around Valour Consultancy equips us with the value-added intelligence needed to make well-informed business decisions in a very dynamic market. The passion and knowledge of the team make it a real pleasure to work with them.”

Max Heinen, Manager, Strategy & Market Intelligence, SES

“In a global market as dynamic as in-flight connectivity, Valour has established itself as a reliable source of market intelligence and insightful analysis. The team is responsive to requests and clearly engaged in improving an already impressive product.”

Paul Lekan, Sales and Marketing Executive, Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics
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“Valour Consultancy’s report on wireless in-flight entertainment is tremendously detailed and offers a thorough explanation of the key underlying trends at play. The authors are also very accessible for clarification or indeed to review thoughts on trends and latest developments. This is very helpful in such a rapidly evolving market.”

Kevin Clark, Bluebox Avionics

“I have partnered with Valour Consultancy on multiple occasions and they have consistently delivered extremely thorough and pertinent information on complex market subjects. Not only do they deliver detailed information that is typically very challenging to track down, but they are extremely helpful and responsive to requests. Their reports have been instrumental in our strategic planning purposes and they are highly recommended.”

Colin Quarless, Product Manager, Satcom Direct
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“The Valour Consultancy report on The Future of Wireless In-Flight Entertainment has proven particularly valuable to Phitek providing us with important insight into the trends of a dynamic market space. The report has been a significant tool for us to be more informed in our decision-making as we enter a new and exciting arena.”

Chris van der Loo, Product Marketing Director, Phitek Systems
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“Valour Consultancy’s report on The Future of Body Worn Cameras and Systems is well written, detailed and an excellent insight into the key markets. The analysis of the global law enforcement market was extensive and provided us with valuable industry information of this evolving market.”

Nicole Irvine, Marketing & Communications Manager, Edesix Ltd
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“Valour Consultancy’s report on body-worn-cameras is the best of its kind.  Valour has taken on the difficult task of defining a new market and has created the first, comprehensive estimate of market size.  This is an important resource for anyone who needs to understand a new and dynamic market.”

David Gruppo, CEO, Indigo Technologies
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“We are delighted to hold a strategic partnership with Valour Consultancy, who have established themselves as the go-to provider for market intelligence and customised research in the IFEC sector. The quality of their client-base speaks for itself. The Valour team are regular contributors to our industry publications and events, with their insight and expertise providing clarity in a dynamic and uncertain market.”

Ross McSweeny, Marketing and Communications Manager, HMG Aerospace