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So that it can provide the best, most complete service to its clients, Valour Consultancy has sought out trusted partners that complement its existing knowledge base and network of contacts. The below companies have a similar ethos to Valour Consultancy and strive to provide detailed and valuable insight into their respective markets.

HMG Aerospace logo

www.hmgaerospace.com | Twitter: @news_LARA | @inflightmag

HMG Aerospace is a leading publisher, event organiser and online intelligence provider for the international aerospace community. With industry titles spanning over 30 years within the aviation sector, HMG Aerospace has a team of journalists and experts connected to industry leaders around the globe, offering unrivalled coverage on the latest news and information for their respective sectors.

HMG Aerospace publishes specialist magazines, handbooks and events covering the latest developments in the airline and IFE/connectivity and cabin technology communities. Publications include:


PA.I.D Strategy - Valour ConsultancyP.A.ID Strategies has been formed to provide and develop market intelligence and custom research to companies and organisations looking to better understand their environments and find a way to move forward in the face of disruptive technologies and competition.

Our primary focus is on Payments, Authentication, Identity (P.A.ID) and Security of people, devices, objects and transactions in an increasingly digitised and connected world. P.A.ID Strategies builds upon more than 15 years experience assessing companies, their products and strategies across commercial, enterprise, financial, government, industrial and retail sectors.

With a proven track record of delivering critical market insight and intelligence, we are heavily involved with solutions and technologies addressing mobile and online, including:

  • Smart cards
  • NFC
  • HCE and tokenization
  • Digital payments and wallets
  • EMV, CUP and RuPay
  • Transportation and ticketing
  • Identity
  • Authentication
  • IDaaS
  • Connectivity
  • eSIM / eUICC
  • IoT
  • Embedded security
  • Mobile and digital security

This includes card and non-card form factors, embedded solutions, digital credentials, software and service platforms used in relation to people, devices and objects.

SAR Insight and Consulting - Valour Consultancywww.sarinsight.com | Twitter: @SARInsight

SAR Insight & Consulting offers a range of services to technology vendors, investors and other interested parties that are looking to understand market size, growth opportunities, product viability, technology choices and more.

Leveraging our extensive knowledge of electronics technology markets we are able to provide a range of bespoke services to our clients including:

  • Consultancy
  • Start-Up Advice
  • Custom Market Analysis
  • White Papers
  • Client Citations

SAR also provides regular research to service clients and ad-hoc clients on a wide range of technology markets including:

  • Wireless Connectivity
    • Bluetooth
    • W-Fi (WLAN)
    • ZigBee (802.15.4)
    • Emerging Technologies
  • Audio
    • ICs
    • Devices
    • Technologies
  • Sensors
  • Micros
  • Power Sources (E.g. Energy Harvesting)

Across multiple markets including:

  • IoT
  • Wearable Devices
  • mHealth
  • Automotive
  • Mobile Devices
  • Home Audio