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Daniel Welch
Daniel WelchSenior Research Consultant
Like Craig and Josh, Dan is a senior research consultant at Valour Consultancy. His background is in consumer to consumer research, having spent 5+ years at Ipsos, one of the largest research organisations in the world. During these 5 years, Dan was responsible for building Ipsos’ mobile research business, both in Asia Pacific and in the UK.

Dan puts this experience to good use by running Valour Consultancy’s custom research business. He regularly carries out passenger-based surveys across the world on behalf of airlines and frequently runs surveys of airlines for one-off custom jobs or to supplement syndicated work. Dan also looks after the quarterly IFC tracker, which involves liaising with airlines and service providers on a regular basis.

Dan moved to Melbourne, Australia in 2014 and is in the process of building Valour Consultancy’s Asia Pacific presence. Prior to moving to Australia, Dan lived and worked in the UK. He has a BA (Hons) Business Studies degree from Leeds Metropolitan University.