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The Future of Machinery Production in Europe – 2017

Published: March 2017

Valour Consultancy

The Future of Machinery Production in Europe – 2017 – Information Brochure

Valour Consultancy is pleased to present this new report on the current and future of machinery production. This European edition is the first in a series of regional studies, which together, will offer the most comprehensive source of information covering machinery and equipment manufacturing.

The study presents historical, current and forecast data for all the major machinery and equipment sectors – the key markets of industrial automation products. The report provides the value of machinery production split by country and by sector, in order to give the best insight as to where industrial automation products will be utilised both today and in the future.

Key questions answered by the report include:

  • What is the value of machinery produced in Europe in previous years, this year, and in future years?
  • Which countries in Europe currently manufacture the greatest amount of machinery?
  • Which countries are seeing the fastest growth?
  • Where will the biggest increases in opportunity be seen?
  • What is the size of each different machine type?
  • Which sectors are growing fastest?
  • How has the machinery production performed across the different sectors and throughout Europe during the past five years?

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