Hyundai Heavy Industries pioneers Smart Ship Solutions

In early July 2017, South Korean shipbuilder Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) announced the debut of their proprietary Information and Communications Technology (ICT) system to accelerate internal communications and navigation efficiencies. Its goal is to capitalise on economic opportunities, sophisticated access to modern navigation technologies, and vessel management and engineering. Far from a commitment to efficiency [...]

Smart Airports: New Technologies Set to Take Flight & Transform the Passenger Journey

The following blog was written by John Devlin, founder of P.A.ID Strategies, one of Valour Consultancy's trusted partners. The original article can be viewed here. Future Growth is Outstripping Capacity With forecasts for growth in air travel ranging from 60% to 100% over the next 20 years, airport operators, airlines and governments face a number of [...]

The Market for In-Flight Connectivity on VIP and Business Aircraft

Last month, Valour Consultancy released its latest analysis of the market for in-flight connectivity on VIP and business aircraft. The study draws upon our considerable expertise in analysing the adoption of in-flight connectivity (IFC) in commercial aviation and is the result of a rigorous primary research phase consisting of numerous interviews with key players from [...]

The Scandinavian dream of maritime communications: A transformational agreement between Ericsson and Maersk

Despite the moderate adoption of new advancements on communication technologies and industrial IoT, the shipping industry is still lagging behind in their implementation of end-to-end solutions, data management, and operational processes for integral connectivity. With more than 90% of consumable goods being shipped around the globe, there are still some unimpeachable factors that need to [...]

Cruise Line Connectivity and Partnering Opportunities

Over the years, the cruise line industry has experienced a period of continuous evolution in regards to integral communications and information technologies. Many stakeholders are leading this charge, since broadband connectivity is becoming a crucial component whereby many passengers decide which cruise line offers the greatest connection of all. The idea of people going on [...]

The Internet of Aircraft Things: Benefits of eTechlog and eCabin Logbook

eTechlog The aircraft technical log is the last known status of the aircraft in terms of its current flying hours, current maintenance state (including the carrying of any acceptable deferred defects that may affect the aircraft in operation), the fuel and fluids status for the aircraft at the point of departure, and includes signatures of [...]

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