Seat-back In-Flight Entertainment is NOT Dying!

It might not be a date that immediately evokes strong memories but cast your mind back, if you will, to January 25th, 2017. Donald Trump was just getting his feet under the White House desk after a shock election victory two months’ prior, Roger Federer was rolling back the years on his way to capturing [...]

How will Wearable Body-Worn Cameras Perform in 2017?

The rapid growth of the wearable camera market has surprised few over the last five years. Consumer wearable camera companies, such as GroPro, have made vast fortunes and become iconic brands for those with outdoorsy, adventurous lifestyles. The enterprise market for body-worn cameras (BWC) has recorded a similar uptake in demand, primarily driven by trial [...]

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Technology Companies Lead Business Sectors in 2016

I recently came across an article informing me that the technology industry market value had overtaken the finance and energy industries. It stated the technology sector is worth $3.0 billion, business to consumer finance sector $2.7 billion, and consumer goods sector $2.6 billion. In the piece, an infographic showed the three most valuable companies in [...]

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Examining Our In-Flight Connectivity Market Forecast

Back in October 2014, Valour Consultancy published its first report on in-flight connectivity (IFC) in the commercial aviation market. Fast forward to June 2016 and we are just about to release the second edition of this highly-acclaimed piece of research. With preliminary data now available to companies that have already purchased the report, we thought [...]

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