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Craig Foster is a Senior Consultant and co-founder of Valour Consultancy. He's primarily responsible for new the company's research on UAVs and drones.

Could Smartphones Takeover from Body-Worn Cameras in Video Recording for the Police?

Introduction Recently, the Jersey City Police Department completed testing the CopCast mobile app video recording app becoming the first department in the United States to use the technology. CopCast is a mobile app that enables an Android smartphone to perform similar functions as a dedicated body-worn camera, such as Taser’s AXOM, VIEVU’s LE5 and Pinnacle [...]

Fly Low Sweet Chariot

The majority of drone marketing reports have been quite remiss in devoting little space to the discussion of the development of drone taxis. Indeed, the 2016 Valour Consultancy report only mentions the Ehang 184 in the section devoted to that company and only mentions the Urban Aeronautics AirMule in passing but in April 2017 the [...]

Our Fine Tethered Friends

In VC’s Commercial and UAV report, the section detailing Technical Requirements (chapter 2), discussed in some detail the alternative of tethered drones. Recent articles in the media have shown that this niche market is developing apace. Tethered UAVs on building sites for use with surveillance cameras make good economic sense. The basic problem with dirigibles [...]

Individual Drone Identification

In our commercial UAV report, Valour Consultancy laid out a timeline for future Drone Industry Development, both drivers and inhibitors. One of the first items it listed as a driver for development was Individual Drone Identification: “Commercial companies will welcome and whole-heartedly endorse drone registration and individual drone identification (they will do this for purely [...]

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Body Worn Cameras Shipments in Law Enforcement in 2017

The above chart is an extract from Valour Consultancy’s latest report on enterprise body-worn cameras showing our forecast for shipments of these devices in 2017. The report also contains data on historical shipments, associated revenues and ASPs from 2015 with the forecast period extending out to 2020. Additionally, data on deployment sizes, the number of [...]

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Over the Hills and Far Away

Vigilant Aerospace Systems (VAS), a private US company was founded in Oklahoma City in 2015, licenses aviation technologies. VAS commercialises NASA flight safety technologies and develops innovative situational sensing, analysis and prediction solutions which can enables collision avoidance and autonomous flight for both drones and small and medium-sized planes. The company recently completed Beyond Line-of-Sight UAS [...]

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Terra Drone in Terra Incognita

In an interesting move, the Japanese drone surveying company Terra Drone has opened an office in Fortitude Valley in Queensland. Fortitude Valley is a suburb of Brisbane most famous for shopping and nightlife. Terra Drone specialised in LiDAR surveying of construction, mining sites and forestry and land surveys. It also has a small unmanned crop [...]

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UAVs are a Key Enabler in Construction

Many people believe UAVs will become a big deal in the commercial construction space. Companies like 3DR, Parrot, DJI and many others have bet big on this assumption. We believe more than a 150,000 UAVs will be in active use in the asset, building (construction), land and mining inspection/surveying globally in 2017. A prime example [...]

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Interview with Zepcam’s CEO & Founder, Bart van der Aa

Tell us a little bit about Zepcam? Zepcam is a Dutch technology company that specializes in body-worn camera and video technology. Founded in 2008, its offers a complete end to end solution for bodycams and mobile CCTV: integration of field devices (bodycams, vehicle video), server technology and video management software. Zepcam has been focusing especially [...]

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How will Wearable Body-Worn Cameras Perform in 2017?

The rapid growth of the wearable camera market has surprised few over the last five years. Consumer wearable camera companies, such as GroPro, have made vast fortunes and become iconic brands for those with outdoorsy, adventurous lifestyles. The enterprise market for body-worn cameras (BWC) has recorded a similar uptake in demand, primarily driven by trial [...]

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Drone Delivery Deluge

Sometimes when we watch an action movie, we see our heroes struggling along a mountainside and suddenly one or two little pebbles roll down in front of them. It’s a cinematic shortcut to let us know that a landslide is coming. The pebbles have started falling down the mountain of potential that is UAV delivery. [...]

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Product Review of Yamay HR Activity Tracker

Overall Description Although activity fitness trackers have been around for some time, I have recently felt compelled to start using them. Many people will argue the various benefits and useless features of this new emerging fitness device genre. How much do we really gain by knowing you plodded 10,000 steps in a day?  I simply [...]

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The Critical Consideration Behind the Hardware of Body-Worn Camera and Images

When we think about body-worn cameras (BWCs), we generally think about the little box that sits on the policeman’s jacket or the motor-cyclist’s helmet but there are several more things that need to be specified beside the lens and the pixels. We need to know how the information is going to be used as this [...]

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UAV Development in Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Markets

In Valour Consultancy’s leading report on commercial and industrial UAVs and systems, an in-depth qualitative assessment of all the key applications are provided. An extract for the agriculture, forestry and fisheries markets is provided below. The agricultural sector in Australia, America and Japan was quick to adopt UAV systems for high-value cash crops. Where labour [...]

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Video Footage is King

Video footage is King in today’s digital society. Readers no longer want to read articles but watch video segments of news. WhatsApp wants to offer video chat, which will compete against Apple FaceTime and Skype, as sometimes text messages are not enough. Law enforcement agencies around the world have begun adopting body-worn camera and video [...]