Time for the Niche Drone Market to explode

Within the last two years, the number of start-ups of “One Man and his Drone” has increased exponentially. These now number in the tens, if not hundreds, of thousands. It seems if you need a nice picture of your house from the sky or a wedding party featuring the father of the bride’s bald spot, [...]

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How does the Airware-Red Bird integration stack up?

In 2011, Airware started with the goal of developing a standard application for drone operations. Since the company’s inception, it has developed a cross-manufacturer drone fleet controller and an in-depth integrated data management system. Its solution is extensively used globally and by a plethora of different markets: insurance, construction, mining, utilities (including telecommunications), oil and [...]

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The Development of the Commercial UAV Industry

Humanity has a unique combination of intelligence, ingenuity and idiocy, that makes its every action an adventure. The UAV industry is such an adventure. At the time of publication of “The Future of Commercial and Industrial UAVs – 2016 Edition”, aviation authorities around the world are trying to impose order on the chaotic world of [...]

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